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Mirjam Dellinger

Medical University of Vienna
Waehringer Guertel 18-20
1090 Vienna

Mirjam Dellinger is a PhD student in the research group of Michel Bonelli at the division of Rheumatology of the Medical University of Vienna. Her main research interest focuses on the role of cell-cell interaction in the pathogenesis of the chronic inflammatory disease rheumatoid arthritis. For taking a closer look on interactions between fibroblast-like synoviocytes (FLS) and immune cells, co-cultures and synovial organoids are used to model the inflamed joint. Cell-cell interactions are profiled with an image-based platform using high-content confocal fluorescence microscopy that not only allows visualization and identification of different immune cell subsets but also quantification of interaction levels with FLS. Consequences of interaction such as immune cell activation are further characterized using spectral cytometry. This platform is also used to test perturbations of cell-cell interactions in the context of joint inflammation. Mirjam Dellinger acquired expertise in 2D and 3D cell culture, flow and spectral cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, high-content image analysis, and bioinformatics and biostatistics.